Saturday, April 2, 2011

Learn to be your own teacher—Lee Shaw

One Day’s Lessons:

Last night was the first time I heard jazz

Keep moving change lanes later

I resist turning into Joe Glaser

Listen to the radio 

Sun through the trees
impossible to read
riding in flickering light

Ruthless compassion is the only compassion

Performing equals managing

When in doubt leave it out

Don Draper does not know where he’s going
Jon Hamm does not know where Jon Hamm or Don Draper is going

Stammerers do not stammer singing or talking to animals
David Mitchell

“She is very stooped but she is still sharp”
         Hiding and Seeking

These are the glory days.

Has beens have been, being a has been confirms the journey

There is something to say
besides glory all the time. Gloria!
         William Bronk

Simple is as simple does equals complex

When a house sells the garden is left behind

Pretend that you owe me nothing
We can bring back the old days again
         Tom Waits

Writing starts as a lark
the calendar in another room

“I feel the daises growing over me,”
         the dying Keats said to his friend, Severn
         quoted by Helen Vendler

Listen with the palms of your hand
         Paulene Oliveros

Before Louis Armstrong I could not hear jazz
Before Louis Armstrong I could not imagine jazz
After Lee Shaw I see the journey

At the end of the day Dippermouth
         is still Dippermouth
—April 1 Concert Zankel Music Center Lee Shaw Trio with
         John Medeski

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  1. Listen with the palms of your hand
    Paulene Oliveros

    My friend Katie and I saw the Trisha Brown Dance Company yesterday. We both left wanting to touch the people we know. Provide a palm as resting place for cheek. A listening touch. Hand and rough foot pad says, I'm here, hello. Music strapped its waves around our muscles and arms and torsos wanted to pull, wiggle, leap.

    These are the vocabularies I want in my life: music, dance, words.