Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saratoga Arts Center-SPAF Artist Grant

Saratoga Arts Center awarded me one of two SPAF Artists Grants for 2011. Good news for me and my year with Louis. Since working in and with the community is at the heart of these grants, this opens the way for collaboration and improvisation with a loose band of compatriots. The outcome will likely be a performance, summer times sounds best—maybe Louis's birthday, August 4. 
Here's the short version: Making It Up: Life, Music, and Art of Louis Armstrong: Improvisation, at the heart of jazz, is central to Louis Armstrong's life and his music. Making it Up, both performance and exhibition, originate in Armstrong's music--the sound of his horn, his songs--and his way with words and pictures.
The awards ceremony is January 12, 4-6 pm. Please visit the Arts Center website for a list of all grants recipients.


  1. Hi Margo! Congrats on your grant! xx Nicole

  2. I think August 4, his birthday is a great idea. A celebration. A party. A happening. Happy Birthday Louis!

  3. so sad Mr, Armstrong was really a very great person. I really love him ...
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