Friday, December 17, 2010

An Invitation to Collaborate

Hey Louis, we’re fixin to do something with you
Will you come along and play with us?

Now what we’re gonna do we’re not too sure
but we’ve got a feeling you’ll guide us through

and we’d sure be lovin it and lovin you 

Choosing Louis Armstrong for Dead at 69 is beyond daunting but somehow comfortable. I believe he’s already forgiven me before I’ve begun. 
Collaboration is the core of it. Great as Louis was
he was never just the front man. He blew and blew and blew that horn,
the wide world open, but every note connected with another’s notes:
Joe Oliver, Arvell Shaw, Trummy Young, Earl Hines, Billy Kyle
and what about Billie, Bessie
Bing….Ella, Duke and Velma too.
And then the ones who
laid it out, arranged it, wrote it down.

No, you can’t take the measure of Louie without
all those makers, it all came to push and shove.  When the band started up maybe he played
the first note, maybe he didn’t. Maybe he sang, maybe he didn’t.

So how deep does collaboration go? DEEP
Louis showed me whatever happens
happens in and through the mix.

You’re invited to a think-in, play-in, talk-in. Some of us have collaborated before (Satie/Cage Tango and Mak 3) so you have some idea how far things travel between start and finish.
Louis – the inspiration, music for sure. Dance, Words, Performance, whatever else happens. Is it a happening? could be? Will we work together to make a single work? Maybe. Or many things can happen at once. Audience participation will likely be a component.

Preparation: What in Louis’s music, words, life most excites you? Whatever idea you have please bring it along and we’ll talk.

Let’s get started. Here are suggested days and times: January 6, 7 pm; January 8, 3 pm; January 9, 2 pm.  If none of these work for you, suggest days and times that will.

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  1. Looking forward to collaborating with you, Margo!

    Much more on all of this later. Patrick